RhinoShield SolidSuit for Samsung S20/S20+/Ultra (5 colors)

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Colors Available:

【S$49】Leather/ Carbon Fiber

【S$39】Classic Black/ Classic Blush Pink/ Classic White




SLIM: The slim protective case that gives you maximum protection with a premium finish.

SHOCKPROOF: Exceeds Military Standards. Surpasses US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), absorbs impact of over 11 feet.

HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE : A hexagonal pattern lines the inner surfaces of our case, improving shock absorption by up to 10%

COLOURS : 5 colours to choose from.

TOUGH : The ShockSpread™ material is super tough, making it incredibly difficult to break. This is because the material is able to resist larger forces. This same property means the case provides a tight fit, preventing your phone from falling out during impact.

FLEXIBLE: For a strong material, ShockSpread™ is surprisingly flexible. This means that the case bends slightly for easier installation, without permanent loosening.

THIN & LIGHT : RhinoShield cases are among the thinnest and lightest protective cases you can find. ShockSpread™ reduces overall volume by 40% and overall thickness by 22%. Our cases weigh an average of 30g – equivalent to a AA battery – or half that if using a bumper.

HEALTHY & SAFE : We have formulated the new material with your health and safety in mind. Our latest cases have been independently tested and meet the US FDA food-grade standards. They also contain no BPA, BPS or BPF – chemicals commonly used in plastics which have been linked to possible developmental issues in young children, as well as reproductive toxicity.