Mazer Infinite.Boost Wi.Desk Trio Swing Charging Stand III (2 Colors)

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Available Colors:
- Black
- White

- Mazer Wi.DESK SWING-V2 3-in-1 Wireless desktop charger with Special Design of Cooling System&Finished with Premium Fabric Design.
- Save space and charge 3 devices wirelessly at the same time with the smarter wireless charging stand, Mazer Wi.DESK SWING-V2.
- Dedicated wireless charging stations for wireless phones, AirPods, and a swing-out charging arm for Apple Watch makes Wi.DESK SWING-V2 the perfect desk mate.
- Wi.DESK SWING-V2 is the smarter way to wirelessly charge your favourite devices.
- Swing arm allows Apple Watch face to be visible in nightstand mode while charging Compatible with AirPods in wireless charging case Compatible with most phone cases