Momax OneLink Active Capacitive Stylus 3.0

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Simple and stylish design concept, equipped with magnetic adsorption and charging at the same time. In addition, the stylus supports tilt sensitivity and palm rejection, allowing users to precisely control, draw and take notes on the iPad.


- Designed for iPad | Compatible with the latest iPad models, consistent with Apple product design
- Magnetically attaches and charges | Secures in place and charges wirelessly in one tap
- Intuitive and precise controls | Tilt sensitivity and palm rejection for a smooth experience
- Equipped with key commands | Just single or double-tap the top button of the stylus to return to the home page/open the multi-function page
- Wide range of applications | Supports most drawing or note-taking apps on the iPad
- Automatic connection, the battery level is clear at a glance | The pen is automatically connected to use, and you can also check the battery status of the stylus on the ring light on the top of the stylus and on the iPad

*Please Note*
iPad 10th generation, iPad mini (5th generation) only supports writing, but does not support magnetic charging, so it is not recommended to buy this product