MOFT Snap Phone Tripod Stand MOVAS™ - MagSafe Compatible (4 Colours)

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Colours available: 

- Jet Black

- Sapphire Blue

- Seafood (green)

- Misty Cove


☞ MagSafe Compatible (iPhone 12/13/14/15 and MagSafe cases)

☞ Universal with other phone models including Android, non-MagSafe iPhone and non-silicone phone cases with an included MOFT Metal Ring.

☞ NOTE: It only works on phone cases made from PC, TPU, or aluminum metal. Compatible phone cases should have a straight, flat back and no protective coating. (Not applicable to bare phones or phone cases made from silicone, leather, or wood.)

☞ With a swift flip, this powerful tripod unfolds effortlessly, making it easy to pursue your creative passions.

☞ Patented triangular design structure unfolds from a flat card-sized object to a solid support base. Its unique design has been thoroughly tested and proven, ensuring stability at the center of gravity.

☞ Raises phone cameras up to an impressive 8 inches in height. This makes it perfect for capturing moments while vlogging, attending video meetings, live streaming, or taking photos at events.

☞ Horizontal and vertical switching is fast and flexible so you're free to define your best angle.

☞ Strong magnets and a hinge mechanism allow the origami design to unfold for an adjustable angle range across three versatile modes: Floating Mode, Vlogging Mode, and Stand Mode, that can be tailored to your needs.

☞ Three Modes with Adjustable Angles:

  ❖ Floating Mode

     ➤ Video Call Angle (forward tilt up to 10°)

     ➤ Showcase Angle (backward tilt)

     ➤ Theatre Angle

     ➤ Browsing Angle

     ➤ Macro Photography Angle

  ❖ Stand Mode

  ❖ Vlogging Mode

☞ A selfie grip that's just a fold away. Whether for daily life or a spontaneous adventure, you're one step away to capturing the moment.

☞ Effortlessly tailor your angle in landscape or portrait mode to suit your preferences. Whether you're creating content or immersed in a video, your desired perspective is always at your fingertips.

☞ Dimensions: 3.8*2.5*0.27 in/96.5*63.5*6.9 mm

☞ Weight: 2.9 oz/85 g

☞ Material: MOVAS™ Vegan Leather, Magnets, Metal sheets, Fiber glass, PC

☞ Specs of the Included Metal Ring

  ➤ Thickness: 0.02 in/0.6 mm

  ➤ Outside diameter: 2 in/55 mm

  ➤ Inside diameter: 1.8 in/45 mm

  ➤ Weight: 0.09 oz/2.5 g